Our Vision

STEM exCEL offers high quality STEM skill learning programs through after school enrichment programs at public and private schools, through Parktakes REC Centers, at Corporate events and through our Enrichment Center. We are proud to be affiliated with and to work with various third party providers including Baroody Camps and Enrichment Matters. STEM exCEL’s vision is to help improve the quality of STEM education and learning for children in grade school through comprehensive, interactive and engaging programs. We envision helping our younger generation reach new heights and gain early exposure to the skill sets that are positioned to pave the future and allow our up and coming generation to discover, understand, develop and nurture their abilities in STEM. As a US company, we strive to improve the economic climate by ensuring that we consistently deliver the highest quality educational programs and services within the US. We believe that the future is bright for the United States of America and we are proud to work towards the continued health and growth of the economy of the U.S. through our programs and services and our dedication to our younger generations.

Why Us?


Please email info@stemexcel.org for a quick response with further information, so we may help your community develop their own Computer & Coding Club.

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