What makes STEM exCEL different?

Pioneer in STEM

STEM exCEL is a pioneer in all its programs and services. In addition to expanding the use of existing technology, STEM exCEL is consistently looking for new innovative technologies that will assist our students in not only learning the newest systems and programs available, but also provide them a diverse education in a safe and nurturing environment.

Perfect Track Record

STEM exCEL prides itself on having a perfect track record. After 4 years, we have never cancelled a class due to an absent instructor, and we have never been late to a class. We don’t believe in overstaffing, we do believe in staffing correctly. This not only allows our partner PTA’s and PTOS’s the ability to be secure in working with us, but it provides the students with a diverse teaching team for each and every course, allowing our students more exposure to more STEM skill sets and provides additional classroom management and security for our students.

Low Student Instructor Ratio

We at STEM exCEL truly believe that STEM education is an important skill set not just for our current society and out current job market but also for the future market and the current shifts our society is taking. With this in mind, we want to ensure that our students not only learn our curriculum but also are provided with enough support that they gain confidence with the material, they understand and can apply the new knowledge they are learning or are deepening their existing knowledge. As such, we ensure that we provide a low student instructor ratio at all times. Our average ratio is 8:1 which allows students to not only learn multiple methods and philosophies but also to ensure students have professional support from their instructor, and with the low ratio, students feel comfortable and at ease to be open and ask for help.

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