STEM exCEL aims to align STEM education from beginner through advanced programming and technology opportunities to build a Computer & Coding Club for your community. A couple of the ways we do so is to offer multi-week courses and 1-day events.

Initially offered is Intro to CS & Coding, for students to be presented with an understanding of computer science and how coding is important to communicate and solve problems. In subsequent enrichment sessions, any of the following opportunities may be offered per the feedback of your school, homeschooling community or PTA.

Kindergarten Chess Minecraft Game Design Programming Art & Design




Grade Recommendation: Kindergarten

Kinder-Tech is the perfect course for Kindergartners to learn about technology in a fun way, tailored to their specific age group! Students will be introduced to the full gamut of STEM courses: programming, game design, Minecraft modding, electronics, digital art, 3D printing and more! Our instructors have been especially trained to educate this age group on their level, and will be able to offer strong support for your little learners. Students will develop a working foundation and comfort level for the technology, while improving their dexterity with the hardware, which will greatly advance their understanding and interest for future classes.



Minecraft Chess

Grade Recommendation: 2-6

Minecraft Chess helps students build critical-thinking skills and self-confidence by learning the revered game of chess in the fun format of Minecraft. With the mentorship of our trained chess coaches, students gain knowledge and interest in chess by utilizing both classic chess boards and an online platform in Minecraft. Incorporating variations of chess allows for students to learn no matter their learning style, and will develop their skills in a way most comfortable to them. Students will leave Minecraft Chess with improved chess skills, sportsmanship and the ability to learn from mistakes in a challenging and entertaining way.



Minecraft Modding

Grade Recommendation: 1-4, 3-6

Minecraft Modding teaches students important problem-solving and design skills by making changes to the popular multiplayer game itself. Programming fundamentals are reinforced by designing and implementing large-scale Minecraft modifications. Our instructors offer individualized attention and mentorship throughout our course, so students will learn at their pace following their personal learning style and interests. Students end their time with us with their mods, which they may add to their personal Minecraft games.

Electronics with Minecraft Redstone

Grade Recommendation: 1-4, 3-6

STEM exCEL's Electronics with Minecraft Redstone allows students to explore electronics in a virtual world with essentially infinite resources. Using Minecraft's Redstone blocks, which act as wires on a breadboard, students can build constructs representing electrical circuits and simple computer projects that are built in the real world. This course is a great precursor to understand real circuitry, electronics and electrical theory. This course allows students to gain an understanding of how computers are processing commands as they move on to other computer science studies, and take home their Redstone creations at the ends of the course.


Game Design

Intro to Game Design

Grade Recommendation: 1-4, 3-6

Intro to Game Design introduces students to important game design design concepts so they may use their creativity and problem-solving skills to create fun, complete and shareable games! The course teaches students important factors they need to consider when creating a game, such as game mechanics, player experience, art, story and how to work within your scope. Via discussions, activities and computer work lead by our instructors, students will learn how to make games from beginning to end. At the end of the session, students will leave with their own account information, so they may continue developing games at home and sharing them with friends and family.

2D Game Design

Grade Recommendation: 1-4, 3-6

2D Game Design builds upon the fundamentals and concepts of game design within a real game engine many indie development teams currently use. Students learn to design and build their own game from the ground up, while learning 2D game art and programming logic with the engine’s integrated art software and easy-to-use events system, fit for beginners through advanced learners alike. Our instructors help students develop games individually, so students have the freedom to create at their pace while focusing on their creative interests. The final product is their own game that can be played on any computer, and the knowhow to continue their game development at home.

3D Game Design

Grade Recommendation: 3-6

3D Game Design enforces important game design concepts via practical application with the professional game engine responsible for popular modern games like Pokemon Go, Deus Ex and the Angry Birds franchise. Students learn to design and build their own game, while simultaneously learning programming logic, level design, art and animation. The final product is their own game that can be played on any computer, along with all project packages so they may continue creating at home.



Intro to CS & Coding

Grade Recommendation: 1-4, 3-6

Intro to CS & Coding teaches programming logic without the requirement of learning a new language, making it the perfect foundation for any other computer science or technology subject. Students start with hands-on activities that help them learn vital concepts in a tangible way, then use our easy drag-and-drop interface to put their new knowledge into play, to create programs, solve problems and even make games. With the help of our experienced instructors, students will learn functions, variables, conditionals and more in a fun environment. Students will leave the course with their final project, and a strong base for future technological learning.

Python Programming

Grade Recommendation: 4-6

Python is a widely-used, easily understood, object-oriented programming language. It is usually the first language taught, and is hugely beneficial for younger students to learn as an introductory computer programming course. In this STEM exCEL Python course, students acquire a solid understanding of object-oriented and structured programming by completing exercises and developing programs to solve objectives assigned by our experienced Python instructors. By the end of the course, students will be able to take their programs home, along with new skills to develop their own Python programs.

STEM exCEL Robotics

Grade Recommendation: 3-6

STEM exCEL Robotics is designed for students looking to get started with robotics, and who are possibly interested in learning competitive robotics. In this course, students learn how to design, build, and program Lego Mindstorms EV3 robots by constructing and programming a robot. By applying engineering concepts as well as advanced sensor programming skills, students will perfect their design and programming to solve a variety of challenges. These engineering, design and programming concepts serve as a great stepping stone for students that have an interest in competing in robotics competitions such as First Lego League (FLL).

Java Programming

Grade Recommendation: 4-6

Java is a sophisticated but easy-to-learn computer language that runs on almost every device we use in our everyday lives, from computers and phones to appliances. This course will provide an introduction to Java for students with little to no experience, and build a strong foundation in object-oriented programming fundamentals. Students will design, create and debug short Java programs that complete varying tasks, from math calculations to sorting user data. Students will end the class with good programming etiquette, and the ability to apply computational logic and problem-solving skills in future programming projects.


Art & Design

Website Design

Grade Recommendation: 3-6

Website Design is a course that teaches the art and design side of web development. By teaching students about user experience, use of type and color, art placement and usage, text and graphics effects, interface design and utilizing negative space, they will learn to think about aesthetics differently when creating websites. Our instructors will be with each student during their process, so they may create websites unique to who they are and what they like. By the end of the class the students will each have a beautiful and impressive website of their own.

3D Printing

Grade Recommendation: 3-6

3D Printing is a premiere class that not only teaches students how to create 3D models from an artistic standpoint, but also teaches them from an engineering standpoint. Because the models will be printed, our instructors teach students what to consider in the construction of the model to produce the best-quality print. Students will observe a 3D Printer during each lesson to learn proper 3D printing standards and processes, all while creating their own models that will be printed for them. The course ends with students taking home their own accounts so they may continue modeling at home, along with at least 4 model prints they designed themselves during their time with us.

Comic Book Illustration

Grade Recommendation: 1-4, 3-6

Let students explore the incredible world of Comic Book Illustration and learn to take their creativity to a whole new level! Students will learn about character development, storyboarding, panelling, story design, color theory and how to hone their art style. Instructors will teach students how to create comics using tradition art along with digital software, so they may work comfortably in whichever medium they prefer. By the end of the course, each student will leave with their very own comic book they created in class, along with a strong introduction to digital art processes and comic composition concepts.

Graphic Design

Grade Recommendation: 3-6

Graphic Design will teach students to think about art in a pragmatic way so they may consider every aspect of the composition to create stronger pieces. Students will learn about typography, branding, positive/negative spacing, color theory, orientation, contrast and eye movement to create art with the user in mind. Our instructors will inspire and advise students to utilize these professional techniques in a fun and creative way, to create great works students will bring home with them at the end of the course.

Digital Art

Grade Recommendation: 3-6

Digital Art will teach students to create art using technology. In class, they will use two free digital art programs to learn how to create 2D raster and vector art in different art styles. Students will develop technological dexterity and engage their artistic creativity, so they will have a stronger hand and a honed aesthetic of their own by the end of the class. Students will go home on the last day with digital copies of their work and the ability to continue drawing digitally in any piece of software.

Fashion Illustration

Grade Recommendation: 3-6

Fashion Illustration will teach students how to create their own fashion lines using technology. In class, they will use a free vector art program to learn how to create their own line, moodboard and online portfolio. Students will develop techniques that will help hone their creativity through group critiques and critical thinking. Students will go home on the last day with digital copies of their work and the ability to expand their line to incorporate other facets of their aesthetics.

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