13440 Melville Ln
Chantilly, VA 20151

Spring 2018

About the Computer & Coding Club

This program aims to align STEM education through beginner to advanced computer science and coding opportunities to build a Computer & Coding Club with this community of young learners. In subsequent at-school enrichment sessions this year and going forward, Kindergarten, Chess, Minecraft, Game Design, Programming, and Art & Design opportunities may be offered per community feedback.

About STEM exCEL

STEM exCEL guides and mentors students to obtain a foundation in computer science and coding so they may excel in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Whether students are future computer scientists, inventors, artists, farmers or entrepreneurs, STEM exCEL’s goal is to prepare them to follow their aspirations.

STEM exCEL would like to work with your community Computer & Coding Club to inspire kids to code in the same way you want to motivate them to learn musical instruments or try a new sport. Whether or not your students go on to work in a computer programming field, they will have beneficial confidence and a sense of purpose to act and converse in computational universal languages.

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