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Minecraft teaches students important problem-solving and design skills by making changes to the popular multiplayer game itself.

3D Design

3D Printing is a premiere class that not only teaches students how to create 3D models from an artistic standpoint, but also teaches them from an engineering standpoint. 


Programming teaches programming logic without the requirement of specifying a specific language, making it the perfect foundation for any other computer science or technology subject.

Art & Design

Let students explore the incredible world of Art & Design with technology and learn to take their creativity to a whole new level! 

What We Do:

After School Enrichment

We offer After School Enrichment programs to a large number of schools through collaboration and partnerships with PTAs/PTOs, Enrichment Matters and Parktakes. 

Before School Enrichment

Some schools and locations also offer Before School Enrichment Programs, these early morning programs vary depending on the location. 

Day Camps

From FCPS half days, early dismissals and PA days, we offer events and day camps to make the day a fun and educational experience. 

Summer Camps

Our summer camps are offered at various school locations, our STEM exCEL Enrichment Center and through Parktakes. 

Homeschooling Programs

Our STEM exCEL Enrichment Center offers a variety of our programs on location to support students on a homeschool curriculum. 


Podcasts, Gaming events and more, oh my! STEM exCEL provides unique events at our Enrichment Center. 

Our Team

Zachary Shelton


Zachary Shelton as the Director and Founder of STEM exCEL is at the helm of STEM exCEL bringing innovative, value added and creative solutions to STEM education across Virginia. With an extensive experience in business and a strong commitment to quality and partnerships, His desire to provide the highest quality programs and services to all partners and potential partners is what drives every facet of the STEM exCEL team. Mr. Shelton holds an MBA from The University of Maryland College Park and has over 10 years experience in Leadership and Business Management.

Iliana Vazuka

Operations Manager

Iliana Vazuka drives STEM exCEL forward by ensuring that every instructor is trained and prepared to deliver their best in the programs they teach. From training instructors on our progressive operational procedures, to working with STEM experts to develop some of the most innovative curricula available in STEM enrichment programs, Ms. Vazuka ensures that the STEM exCEL team is at its best every day. Ms. Vazuka holds a BFA in Computer Game Design from George Mason University, has been programming for ten years, and has held various operations and leadership roles in STEM fields for five years and counting.

James Arnett

Logistics Manager

James Arnett is our Logistics Manager. In addition to ensure that all our trains run on time, he is responsible for ensuring that our parents are supported behind the scenes, ensuring absences are immediately followed up on, equipment is organized and that our instructors have all the materials they need to provide our STEM exCEL programs. From working on senior level technology troubleshooting, to instructor training and logistics managment, Mr. Arnett is a core part of our team. Mr. Arnett holds a BFA in Computer Game Design and has held several leadership and STEM field related positions in the last 2 years.

Lou LePore

IT Manager

Lou LePore works with our In Office Support Team to ensure that all IT matters are handled efficiently and completely. He is also responsible for various processes and developing, changing and updating new processes to help ensure that STEM exCEL’s programs are being delivered at the highest quality possible. Mr. LePore holds a BFA in Computer Game Design from George Mason University and has held various administrative, IT and leaderships roles for the last 3 years.

The STEM exCEL Difference

Pioneer in STEM
Perfect Track Record
Low Student-Instructor Ratio
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