Most common questions our parents ask:

How big are class sizes and how many instructors will there be?
What grades do your classes cater to?
Can my Kindergartner join this class?
How will my child get from their class to their after school program?
What happens if there is a snow day?
Will there be class for a FCPS no school day?
If my child doesn't like the class, can they drop out?
My child is on the wait list, should I go ahead and send them to the first class?
What about the equipment?
My child took this class before and wants to do it again, is it the same?
Can my child take a class at a different school than the one they attend?
My child missed class due to sickness,family emergency, etc. Will they fall behind?
How can I have access to my child's files?
How can my child continue to work at home after the program has ended?
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