STEM exCEL is dedicated to offering our program to homeschooling families. STEM exCEL guides and mentors students to obtain a foundation in computer science and coding so they may excel in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). STEM exCEL would like to work with your homeschooling community to inspire kids to code in the same way you want to motivate them to learn musical instruments or try a new sport.

STEM exCEL offers our homeschooling programs at our Fairfax Enrichment Center Location. Our classes are held Monday through Friday, throughout the day between 10am and 4:30pm, during the academic school year. Our schedules are specifically tailored to be accessible for homeschooling families, so if what we offer does not work for your family or community, please contact us so we may work with you on future offerings.

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STEM exCEL provides all laptops and equipment for every student. Every class will begin with a short lecture, Q&A and then proceed directly to hands-on practical learning which is tailored for every student's developmental learning levels. This is facilitated by our Instructor to Student ratio of 1:10 or better. Our STEM exCEL instructors provide individualized instruction, coaching and motivation to our students so they may learn at their pace with their interests in mind.

Along with experienced professionals, our instructors are US and international college students majoring in Computer Science, Computer Game Design, Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Bioengineering, and other related fields. We have experience providing our courses for afterschool enrichment programs at elementary schools throughout Northern Virginia.

We look forward to supporting your homeschooling community and your student's interests in computer science, programming, 3D printing, robotics, digital art, game design, Minecraft modding and electronics!

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