Our Team

We have a multi-faceted team that not only works the every day operations of our programs and our Enrichment Center but also work on the development of our professional core curriculum, operational systems and much more.

Zachary Shelton, Director

Zachary Shelton as the Director of STEM exCEL brings innovative, value added and creative solutions to STEM education across Virginia. With extensive experience and a strong commitment to quality and partnerships, and his desire to provide the highest quality programs and services to all partners and potential partners is what drives every facet of the STEM exCEL team. Mr. Shelton holds an MBA from The University of Maryland College Park and has over 15 years experience in Leadership and Business Management.

Iliana Vazuka, Operations Manager

Iliana Vazuka drives STEM exCEL forward by ensuring that every instructor is trained and prepared to deliver their best in the programs they teach. From training instructors on our progressive operational procedures, to working with STEM experts to develop some of the most innovative curricula available in STEM enrichment programs, Ms. Vazuka ensures that the STEM exCEL team is at its best every day. Ms. Vazuka holds a BFA in Computer Game Design from George Mason University, has been programming for ten years, and has held various operations and leadership roles in STEM fields for five years and counting.

James Arnett, Logistics Manager

James Arnett is our Logistics Manager. In addition to ensure that all our trains run on time, he is responsible for ensuring that our parents are supported behind the scenes, ensuring absences are immediately followed up on, equipment is organized and that our instructors have all the materials they need to provide our STEM exCEL programs. From working on senior level technology troubleshooting, to instructor training and logistics managment, Mr. Arnett is a core part of our team. Mr. Arnett holds a BFA in Computer Game Design and has held several leadership and STEM field related positions in the last 2 years.

Lou LePore, IT Manager

Lou LePore works with our In Office Support Team to ensure that all IT matters are handled efficiently and completely. He is also responsible for various processes and developing, changing and updating new processes to help ensure that STEM exCEL’s programs are being delivered at the highest quality possible. Mr. LePore holds a BFA in Computer Game Design from George Mason University and has held various administrative, IT and leaderships roles for the last 3 years.

Behind It All

Administrative Team

Our Administrative team is the team behind each and every weekly communication email we send. From roster creation and preparation to ensuring that our instructors and parents are always up to date as fast as possible and as accurately as possible, our Administrative Team is our shining star!

Our Administrative Team ensure that each and every parent is updated, our rosters are always up to date and any inconsistencies are pickup right away.

Parent Services Team

Our Parent Services Team is our team behind our main email communications and provides support to each and every parent that contacts us. From concerns, to general inquiries, to determining the best way to handle any behavioural issues or difficulties, our Parent Services Team is more than just a customer service team, they are parents supporting parents through STEM!

In-Office Support Team

Our In-Office Support Team is the team that supports both our programs but also our Enrichment Center. Focused on maintenance of all of our equipment, working with instructors to ensure equipment pick up and drop off goes smoothly and if and when needed jumping into a car and driving over fliers or needed equipment to our instructors.

Our In-Office Support Team intakes all front end concerns or feedback from our instructors and brings it in to the appropriate team member for review and/or parent or school or PTA/PTO communications.

Company Department Teams

In addition to our specialty teams, we also have our department groups:
• Finance Department
• Marketing & Advertising Department
• HR & Recruitment Department

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